rheem tankless water heater error code 11

Rheem Tankless Water Heater Error Code 11 – Everything To Know

Until there is a problem, most people who own tankless water heaters don’t give them much thought. First ever step to accomplish when something isn’t operating right is to look for any flashing trouble codes on the thermostat or screen of your hot water system. Rheem tankless water heater error code 11. What do you think it could be? Let’s find out today. Before calling a professional, see if you can address the problem yourself.

Rheem Tankless Water Heater Error Codes

The Rheem RTGH biogas condensation tankless hot water tank as well as the Rheem RTGH propane concentrating tankless hot water tank are two examples of the comprehensive range of water heaters offered by Rheem. Rheem tankless water heaters, like other brands, display error codes to indicate specific issues.

Your Rheem water heater is equipped with an electronic diagnostic system. When your water heater detects a problem, it shows an error code on the remote control or the front panel’s LED display.

Note that depending on the severity of the fault, Rheem will either soft lockout or hard lockout the tankless. A hard lockout implies a more significant problem, such as a problem with the flame, ignition, or condensate.

Rheem Tankless Water Heater Error Code 11. What does It Imply?

Rheem failure code 11 indicates There is no ignition. Error messages 11, which pertains to water heaters, indicates a problem including the water heater’s combustion. Your tankless water heater’s control panel will display the fault code if there is no ignition.

Verify that the device is receiving gas and that the pressure is appropriate. Before asking for assistance, be sure the ignitor is working.

What Causes this Mistake, and Why?

1. Gas flow that is insufficient or limited.

Check your propane or gas tank before touching anything inside your water heater. Check that the gas is getting to your burner next. If valves are closed or if they break from wear and tear, gas won’t flow.

2. Faulty Gas Solenoid Valves

The fault number 11 may also appear on any tankless heater when the gas solenoids are broken. Understand that one of the gas solenoid gas valves malfunctions or there is no electricity if the main burner won’t light but the igniter and fan work.

Make that the voltage is correct for each inlet solenoid valve. The voltage of the gas inlet solenoid valve one should then be checked. Then check the voltage of gas inlet solenoid valve number two. Take the gas inlet solenoid valve 3’s voltage output last. The resistance of these solenoid valves should be checked.

3. A Broken Ignition Wire Harness

A faulty electrical igniter wiring harness might be the cause of error number 11 on any tankless heater. Excessive wear and tear could result in damage to the igniter wiring.

4. The Igniter Becomes Faulty

If the igniter develops a fault, the water heater won’t turn on. There is a potential that the igniter will become worn out if you use the water heater for ten years. The only way to fix error 11 is to replace the igniter.

What Causes this Mistake, and Why

How Can this Error be Fixed?


  • Check for a spark coming from the ignitor by cycling the appliance.
  • If there isn’t a spark, the electric board’s voltage may be off. There may be loose or damaged parts or both.
  • Check the ignitor for accumulation. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and build-up removal instructions if you see scale or carbon.

Supply of Gas

  • Is your home connected to the gas supply? Check your stove, clothes dryer, and other gas-powered equipment.
  • If dirt or other debris gets lodged in the system, it’s conceivable that the gas pressure is off.
  • The gas pipes might need to be purged of air if the water heater was just installed.

Flame Stick

  • Verify that the wiring on the flame rod appears to be in good shape and that all of the connections seem secure.
  • As required, clean the flaming rod as well as gasket by looking about any dirt of debris. The components must be changed if they look to be harmed or cracked.


  • Intake and exhaust vents should be cleared of any obstructions.
  • Airflow can be impacted by defective venting parts or installations, which can result in accumulation on flame rods.

Moisture and Water

  • Examine the apparatus for any indications of leaks or excessive moisture, which could affect electrical connections or cause parts to deteriorate.
  • Check the condensate drainage for condensing units.

How Can this Flaw be Fixed?

To erase the error code, hit your Power key. Take the next action if the error reappears.

  1. When the water heater is running, keep an eye on the gas pressure and make sure it’s between 5.0 and 13.0 inches of water column (1.25 to 3.24kPa).
  2. Verify the wire for the gas valve. Ensure a secure connection.
  3. Examine the flame detector. Establish secure communications. More than 2.5DC before ignition and less than 2.5DC after ignition constitute normal operating conditions.
  4. Verify that the igniter transformer is connected properly.
  5. Steel wool can be used to remove oxides from the spark igniter. Ensure a 3–4 mm spacing is appropriate.
  6. If the spark igniter is damaged, replace it.
  7. Make sure the flame remains steady after being started.
  8. Verify the correct gas type and pressure.
  9. Gas lines should be bled of all air.
  10. Make that the regulator, meter, and gas line are all the right sizes.
  11. Make sure the appliance is grounded properly.
  12. Replace the primary control if necessary.

What do Additional Problem Codes for Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Mean

What do Additional Problem Codes for Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Mean?

Defect code 00 for Rheem

  • Indicates continuous combustion for one hour.
  • When Error Code 00 appears, the Rheem tankless hot water tank has been operating nonstop for further than one hour.
  • Close all hot water faucets to reset the equipment and resolve this error code. Disconnect or take out the circulation pumps.

Imprecise combustion is indicated by Rheem failure code 5.

  • It can result from an obstruction to the vent output or an issue with the intake manifold. In most circumstances, the device will still be in use when you notice this error.
  • The drawback can be overcome by cleaning the air fans, air intake filtration, and converter fins.
  • If necessary, make sure the air ventilation openings are clear and open.

Error Code 10 for Rheem

  • The false flame detection code is this.
  • Verify that nothing is obstructing the flue input or exhaust before contacting for assistance.

Fault Code 16 for Rheem

  • This overheating alert may be a sign of a heat exchanger that is obstructed.
  • There can be a restriction on the airflow around the unit. Call for assistance.

Code 29 Rheem’s Fault

  • This error code denotes a too-low heat exchanger exit temperature.
  • It might also mean that a condensing unit’s neutralizer is clogged, though.
  • The issue is frequently fixed by cleaning the air entrance of the heat exchanger.


Q: What does the Rheem Prestige Series Code 11 Mean?

A: A furnace error number 11 denotes that the gas valve has been triggered. Low power production, low oil pressure, or excessive heat input caused the gas valve to open. The thermostat is most likely to blame for the Rheem furnace error code 11.

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