niagara stealth toilet not flushing

Niagara Stealth Toilet Not Flushing – (Problems & Solutions)

Your enormous porcelain throne occasionally moves more like a lazy river than like Niagara Falls. This is just another way of expressing that your toilet flushes ineffectively, which may be annoying, embarrassing, and even dirty. But don’t worry; in this article, we’ll explain how to resolve the issue of the Niagara stealth toilet not flushing.


Because of its stealthy functioning, the Niagara toilet’s primary selling point. It is remarkably quiet so that you won’t experience any annoyance from noise. Therefore, comfort is a crucial factor. This toilet tank is built with noise-canceling technology. Therefore, it won’t make much noise in your toilet.

On the other hand, the tank is entirely built to always hold water. Even after flushing water, the tank never fully empties. Since a flush utilizes only a small amount of the tank’s water. As a result, there are little noises produced by the valve underwater that can be heard outside of the tank.

Niagara Stealth toilets don’t use a lot of water when flushing. Therefore occasionally, you can notice that they aren’t flushing correctly.

Niagara Stealth Toilet: What is It?

You are wasting a lot of water the entire time, especially if you do it every day. Money and water waste really start to add up over time. Worse still, you are conscious of how much is being wasted because you want to design a home that stresses conserving water, electricity, and, ultimately, the environment. The time for a shift has come.

Niagara Conservation advanced bathroom technology in 2009. The objective was to create a flush that performed loudly and efficiently while using the smallest amount of water feasible. They rebuilt the flush to fit an elevated, low-maintenance, waste-free toilet. The planet’s most effective lavatory. Instead of relying just on water to perform the dirty labor, their exclusive Stealth Technology integrates a noise-cancelling tank as well as a vacuum-assist draw.

How does the Bathroom Function

How does the bathroom Function?

Fill Up

  1. When the container and interior chambers are filled with water, air is forced toward the top of the container and through the transferring pipe.
  2. The liquid inside the basin experiences positive pressure as air is forced through into trapway through the transferring pipe. By increasing the water’s contact area inside the basin and pressurizing its trapway, respectively.


  1. A flushing action has indeed been initiated.
  2. The exiting flush water creates a vacuum inside the inner chamber, depressurizing the trapway.

With a dual flushing, once the half-flush lever gets depressed, the auxiliary compartment is closed off, producing a pressure that keeps the liquid from the inside of being utilized during the flush. Because the plunger is spring-loaded, the seal is retained for some seconds after the primary flush is complete.

  1. The vacuum suction flushing motion is started when this decrease in pressure creates a partial vacuum that pulls wastewater through into laid.
  2. As wastewater flows from the tank, it cleans the basin and flushes waste down its laid.
  3. The trapway is entirely filled, resulting in an extremely effective flush.

Why is Niagara Stealth Toilet Not Flushing? Reasons

Despite the fact that Niagara Stealth provides powerful flushes with little water, it may stop flushing for unknown reasons.

The issue could be caused by air gaps created by water emptying from the tank at five-minute intervals. Low water levels might sometimes cause the toilet to fail to flush. Even though the toilet is connected to a continuous water supply, the water level in the tank drops, and it never refills.

Furthermore, a blocked 400-A fluid master valve could prevent your Niagara Stealth from flushing. The flushing operations are carried out by the fluid master valve, which also makes sure that the fixture provides powerful flushes to push waste down the drain. Therefore, if the valve is disturbed in any way, your silent toilet won’t flush.

It is caused by clogged waste pipes and jets as well as sinking water levels in the toilet bowl. Niagara Stealth uses a minimal amount of water to flush waste. However, it may run continually and produce ineffective flushes.

Furthermore, flushing issues are also brought on by an obstructed air transfer tube. Manual scrubbing could cause the tubing to be out of alignment and worsen the situation.

How Can you Correct this Flaw?

  • Observe how long it takes for the water level in the tank to drop after turning off the water supply.
  • Consider changing the flapper seal if your model is an older one.
  • Change the fluid master valve. If the toilet tank is angled toward the wall, check it. The gas hose needs to be cut off due to the angle at which the tank is slanted.
  • Once you’ve identified the problem, ensure there is adequate water in the container.
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, check the fill valve’s indicator and adjust the BSB valve as necessary.
  • Adjusting the water level requires turning the float’s screw either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • To test whether the stealth flush button is functional, press it.

Follow these steps if the air transfer tube is the cause of the issue.

  1. Remove the toilet tank.
  2. Lots of hot water should be poured into the tube.
  3. Hot water will dissolve the obstruction and get everything back to normal.

How Can the Niagara Stealth Toilet be Kept Operational

How Can the Niagara Stealth Toilet be Kept Operational?

Don’t Discard Toilet Paper

Do you always just flush Kleenex down the toilet? You should never develop this habit, regardless of the toilet you use—whether it’s Niagara Stealth or another kind. The highest amount of weight that this toilet can flush at once is 800 grams, according to the manufacturer.

When tissue is dissolved in water, its weight increases by a factor of four from what it originally was. If not, the weight of the water doubles during the flush.

Therefore, be careful not to flush any tissues into the Niagara stealth toilet. If not, you can experience problems with the Niagara stealth toilet jamming in addition to the flushing problem.

Hot Water Treatment

When it comes to cleaning and staying healthy, water may cure any problems in the home or bathroom. Five liters of water must be boiled and then dumped into the toilet. The Niagara stealth toilet would benefit from never experiencing any kind of jamming. Flushing won’t stop if nothing is obstructing it. Once a week, you can use this water technique. Therefore, the flushing interruption won’t ever happen.


Q: How is a Flush Button on a Toilet Fixed?


  1. Turn off the water valve.
  2. Open up the cistern.
  3. Drain out the water.
  4. Take away the cistern.
  5. Take out and throw away the outdated flush valve.
  6. Put in the substitute flushing device.
  7. Reattach the water closet.
  8. Check and adjust the flush valve.
  9. Neutralizing the flush button.
  10. Switch the water supply on.

Q: What are the Capabilities of the Niagara Stealth Toilet?

A: The toilet features Niagara’s exclusive stealth vacuum-assist technology, which uses just 0.8 GPF (3 LPF) yet still produces a powerful flush that completely empties the bowl each time, negating the need for a second flush.

Q: Why Doesn’t My Toilet Flush When It Runs?

A: It’s a sign that the flapper isn’t correctly positioned over the opening if you hear water running, but none is really entering the bowl. This might be the case if the flapper is worn out, if the chain has become unhooked from the flapper, or if the chain has made its way under the flapper.

Video Credits Niagara Conservation – Official Company Page

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