rheem proterra vs performance platinum

Rheem Proterra vs Performance Platinum – Battle of the Best!

You should save money on energy costs every year by using the Rheem Proterra along with Performance Platinum heaters, which are more effective than standard versions. In contrast to the constant heating of the water, the electric burner component in Rheem Proterra as well as Performance Platinum, only operates when necessary. This page discusses the differences between the “Rheem Proterra vs Performance Platinum” water heating systems.

Learn about the models’ effectiveness, reliability, pricing, and value, as well as their efficiency, including savings in energy, aesthetic characteristics, installation requirements, and upkeep requirements. Here is all the information you require.

Rheem Proterra: What is it?

The Rheem ProTerra range of heat pumps for water heaters offers savings at purchase, as well as significant energy cost reductions, in the form of easily obtainable tax credits plus utility rebates. ProTerra models contribute to environmental preservation since they emit no emissions and extract thermal energy through the air.

Ecologically Sound Effectiveness

Up to 5X more efficient than a typical water heater, which results in less greenhouse gas production.

Constant Defense

Exclusive detection of water leaks and an automatic water shut off valve are features only found in premium versions.

Integrated Econet

You can use your cell phone to remotely manage, schedule, and control the operation of your water heater.

Simple to Set Up

The ProTerra versions were created to be just as simple to set up as other water heaters.

Performance Platinum: What is it?

Electric heating systems manufactured with Performance Platinum high-efficiency technology have longer lifespans, higher performance, and reduced running costs.

A 40,000 BTU/hour ecologically friendly reduced NOx burner is included inside the Rheem Performance Platinum Freshwater Heater to offer enough hot water for families with three to five occupants. The button-press ignition mechanism guarantees a secure and simple start-up.

Performance Platinum: What is it

There aren’t any filters to maintain or change, thanks to its maintenance-free combustible intake technology. Long-lasting container protection is provided by superior anode rods.

Easy installation is made possible by the water heating system’s manufacturing facility-installed pressure and heat relief mechanisms and 3/4-in. Water line connections.

Effectiveness & Cost Savings: Rheem Proterra vs Performance Platinum

The finest Rheem heating system currently accessible on the market is Proterra. Set up your water heaters to provide hot water as needed throughout the day.

Utilize vacation or an alternate mode to cut back on water heating expenses while out for an extended period or just one day.

ProTerra Hybrid uses heat from the surrounding air to warm water while using less electricity.

This water heater consumes up to 75% fewer watts than a typical electric freshwater heater, reducing your environmental impact.

To manage your utility bills more effectively, you may get daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy usage information from any smartphone or tablet.

In contrast, Performance Platinum is available on models with the PlusOne Water Administration System and has dual 4500 or 5500 watt aluminum heating components. Performance Platinum features Twin 4500 watt metal heaters.

With this model, you might save up to $315 on energy costs annually or $3,150 over ten years. Additionally, due to its extremely high efficiency, it may qualify for municipal, state, or usefulness rebates.

Owing to a phenomenal 3.75 consistent energy efficiency and characteristics that result in savings over time, compensates for itself through energy cost reductions.

The Rheem Prottera heating system is the most energy efficient of the several appliances when put up against one another.

Their Performance Platinum version has an energy coefficient of 3.75. There will be a $10–$15 savings every year as a result. That is not notable.

Given the fact that it also happens to be the more economical model, the Rheem provides the greatest value for what you spend.

Efficiency and Robustness: Performance Platinum Compared Rheem Proterra

Energy Star specifications are met by the Rheem Proterra, the water heating system’s efficiency.

Surpassing the minimal GPH (gallons per hour) requirement of 51 and the minimal UEF (uniform energy factor) requirement of 2.0. As a consequence, less electric heat is used, and more compressor power is utilized.

Compared to a new traditional electric version (of identical capacity), it is 3 times more effective thanks to heat pump innovation.

More energy may be saved when efficiency is higher. It saves on energy costs to the point that it compensates for itself.

Unlike the Performance range hot water heaters, which feature two metal radiators, the heaters used that make up the Performance range utilize stainless steel plus a copper element as their heating components. Stainless steel is more durable because it resists rust.

Both plastic drainage valves plus a plastic container-mounted gas control are standard on the Rheem Speed series models.

The Professional class components, on the contrary hand, feature a metal box-encased gas regulator and a solid brass drainage valve.

Rheem Proterra Compared to Performance Platinum in Terms of Design and Features

Rheem Proterra

ProTerra Hybrid uses heat from the surrounding air to warm water while using less electricity. Reduces energy consumption by up to 75% compared to a typical electric hot water heater resulting in a lower environmental impact.

Temp the water as needed. With built-in EcoNet WiFi, you can monitor energy use and activate holiday mode from your cell phone or tablet.

The water heater doesn’t need to be drained to replace the system of diagnosis control. To suit your lifestyle, pick from five operation modes: energy saving, heat pumps powered by electricity, frequent use, and vacation. You can even schedule setting modifications.

Performance Platinum

Several operating systems are controlled by straightforward, easy-to-read diagnostics.

Leak prevention and digital thermostat control with an audio alert. Low operational costs and high efficiency.

Complies with a variety of incentive schemes for electric utilities. For simple installation, the electric connection box is positioned above the heating components.

Power is turned off by an over-temperature guard when temperatures get too high.

Setup and Upkeep: Performance Platinum Versus Rheem Proterra

Rheem Proterra

Similar proportions to a typical electric hot water heater allow for a simple repair. ProTerra Hybrid can fit anywhere with zero authorization, even closets. The device’s front has a condensation line and all replaceable elements, making maintenance simple.

Self Cleaning keeps the water heating system’s efficiency as well as tank volume while reducing sediment accumulation to extend tank life.

Setup and Upkeep: Performance Platinum Versus Rheem Proterra

Performance Platinum

Brass drainage valve that is sturdy. Relief valves for pressure and temperature are included. Low lead conforming. Long-lasting tank protection is provided by premium quality electrode rods. Prevents the buildup of silt. Energy is saved.

Cost and Worth: Performance Platinum vs Rheem Proterra

It is known as the ProTerra, and it is Rheem’s excellent heat pump water heating system. It was ultimately determined that the $1,916 ProTerra model did not perform better than the less costly Performance Platinum variant.

For an additional $200, you may get the same performance factor, yearly operating expenses, and guarantee period. They only include a leak detection as well as an auto-shutoff function in this model.

The least priced model is a Rheem Performance Platinum heating and cooling hot water heater ($1,672 with a 40-gallon container as well as $1,699 with a 50-gallon tank).

This costs $127 less than the AO Smith Trademark Premier as well as $383 less than the Bradford White AeroTherm, respectively.


The sole features that set ProTerra apart are its capacity to detect leaks and instantly turn off the water, in addition to probably tank heating capabilities. It also offers the option to switch between performance and efficiency settings.

The Rheem ProTerra, as well as Rheem Performance brands, provide a variety of tankless burners for you to select from. Rheem ProTerra heating systems are the best option if you’re looking for a two-for-one offer that includes installation costs.

Choose the Performance series if you require heaters for water which are more cheaply priced. Whatever model of Rheem heater you choose, keep in mind that regular maintenance will maintain it running efficiently for an extended period of time.

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