Toto Toilet Keeps Running : What Can I Do to Fix It?

Most typical Toto toilets feature an easy-to-understand design. The “Toto toilet keeps running” is a regular issue with this toilet design. Do you need help with a Toto toilet? Here’s a remedy for it.

What Kind of Toilets is Toto?

The company that makes bidet toilets in Japan is called Toto, Ltd. These toilets, more frequently referred to as “Washlets,” were distinguished by their automated sprayers, heated seats, and deodorization. Its “Washlet Zoe” has been acknowledged as the “most advanced in the world” by the Guinness World Record Book since its debut in 1980. More sophisticated features have since been added by Toto.

By March 2018, high-tech restrooms were present in almost 80% of Japanese homes. That amounts to 113 per 100 residences on average. Japanese people take great pride in their Toto toilets. The Toto toilet is acknowledged by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers as just a component of its mechanical design history. Only a museum dedicated to the development of Toto toilets exists.

Why do Toto Toilet Keeps Running?

The dual flush toilet, which runs continuously, most likely has a worn-out, deformed, or unclean double flush valve gasket that prevents it from sealing correctly. Another possibility is that the tank is being continually filled due to a broken fill valve.

The component of a toilet tank, known as the filling valve, is typically located on the left side of the bowl. It serves to fill your toilet bowl after each flush and therefore is attached from below the toilet tank here to the fluid supply route.

A floating cup or cylinder is attached to the vertically filled valves in dual flush toilets. This float regulates the water level inside the toilet tank as well as the fill valve’s entrance and shutting.

Its fill valve, which had been closed up until that point, opens once you empty the toilet as well as begin filling its tank. Its float rises slowly as the water level in the tank rises until it reaches its preset height, at which point it will halt as well as the fill valve will close. About a half-inch must be subtracted from the overflow tube’s height for the flood level inside the toilet bowl.

Its fill valve would continually fill the tank with liquid as any extra water flows through into the overflow pipe and the basin if a tank floating height was adjusted higher than what is advised.

The filling valve, in addition to the toilet float, may also be broken in a way that prevents it from closing even when the tank is filled, as well as the float has risen to its place. As a result, it will have to be changed since the tank will constantly be filled with water. In order to prevent overflowing, this overflow pipe, a sizable conduit in the center of the tank, directs extra water back into the bowl.

How Can a Broken Toto Toilet Fill Valve be Fixed

How Can a Broken Toto Toilet Fill Valve be Fixed?

There might be a problem with the fill valve inside a bathroom that keeps collecting water within the tank. Since most Toto toilets come with such an adjustable valve, many fixes for this issue are quite simple. Well, how to repair a Toto toilet filling valve is shown below.

Take off the Tank Lid

After following the preceding instructions, carry out this procedure if you return the lid. You can check how everything inside the tank is functioning by leaving the tank open. As a result, you can identify where the issue could be. We get to observe how the inside parts move.

Flushes the Bathroom

As was already said, carrying out this operation enables you to observe the functioning of the toilet’s interior parts. As you attempt to fix that fill valve, pay particular attention to what occurs after you flush, as it will be crucial.

Deactivate the Angle Limit

Water is delivered to the lavatory via the angling stop. Flush the bathroom one more following that. Remember that even if you have flushed the toilet, the liquid will begin to fill it up again till you halt the flow. The black supply route that feeds its flush valve’s head must be disconnected and taken out.

Take off the Fill Valve’s Lid

As a result, you may examine the valve to see whether it contains any debris. The rubbish that has to be cleared away may be the cause of the difficulty. Make careful to remove every piece of apparent trash if you spot any.

Disconnect the Internal Floats

To accomplish this, push the float fingers inwards. And be careful to avoid causing the toilet any further harm while you carry out this task. The last item you need is to deal with yet another issue.

Rotate the Valve Cap

Including one hand securely holding the fill valve’s core, rotate the cap in the opposite direction, so it falls off. Keep the filling valve body from being twisted during this process to prevent the filling valve adjustability from becoming unlocked.

Utilize Hot Water to Wash the Capping Assembly

While doing this, be mindful to examine the diaphragmatic for a secure seal as well as to assure it has motion.

This Filter Should be Removed After Lifting the Center Tube Away from the Fill Valve

Check for any evidence of particles. After that, give each component a water-temperature rinse.

Start Reinstalling the Components

But remember to follow the above-listed instructions in reverse. Test the toilet once again to check whether the issue is still there after that.

Recheck for Leaks

Reapply the food dye to achieve this. Put a little bit into the container and wait for around 15 minutes. This fill valve issue should be resolved if there isn’t any leakage into the bowl.

What to Do About a Leaking Toto Toilet Cover or Flapper

What to Do About a Leaking Toto Toilet Cover or Flapper?

A Toto toilet flushing valve, as well as the flappers, may be flawed and unable to shut the tank, which might also cause the toilet to remain running. There is an unfilled flapper. The tank’s bottom opening is covered with a rubber seal. The lid of the toilet rises as you flush it, allowing water to enter the bowl.

The flapper drops with the amount of water in the container as it fills, so it shuts to halt the stream of water. Consider wobbling the lever to recalibrate the flapper as well as “reassure it to perform its work” if it has been stuck up. You will need to repair a broken flapper and realign a misalignment flapper if they are broken, brittle, defective, or not in alignment.

  1. Disconnect the toilet’s water source and flush it once to clear the tank.
  2. Utilize a towel or cloth to absorb any last bits of water.
  3. To reach the seal, replace the flush valve canisters if you possess one.
  4. Keep an eye out for seal cracks. If a seal is broken, replace it.
  5. In certain cases, Vaseline could regenerate the seal, keeping it flexible and valid until you’re able to purchase a new shield.


Q: Why Would Our Toto Toilet Only Run Pccasionally?

A: A “phantom flush” is the phrase used by plumbers to describe an issue with a toilet that randomly turns on and off and flows only sometimes. The tank’s extremely gradual leak into the bowl is the root of the problem. A malfunctioning flutter or flapper seating is probably the blame for this issue.

Q: When a Toilet Flushes, Why Does It Continue to Run?

A: The leftover water inside the toilet would leak into the overflow pipe if the liquid level is excessively high. This results in the bathroom continuing to run despite a flush, which may eventually cause flood damage.

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