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Thermopile Voltage Low Water Heater – (Causes and Solutions)

The updated water heater installation is now complete. The pilot bulb is out when you go to test the heater one more time. A flashing red code that says “Thermopile Voltage Low Water Heater” appears on your screen.

How could this complicated phrase be resolved, and what occurs this mean? In this post, you will learn the causes of the Thermopile as well as ways to test and repair it. If it has to be replaced, learn how to do it.

Thermopiles: What are they?

The Thermopile is employed as a sensor to establish a comparatively cool temperature. A thermopile producer converts heat into electrical energy.

Thermal energy is transformed into electrical power via thermopiles. Thermopiles employ several thermostats linked in either a series or parallel arrangement. The use of thermopiles enables noninvasive temperature detection.

The use of flame failure is commonplace. The pilot light is illuminated when a thermopile generator generates electricity in a gas fluid heater, gas fireplace, as well as the gas oven.

When the pilot light goes out, a voltage drop opens a valve that shuts off the device’s gas supply.

Meaning of Thermopile Voltage Low Water Heater

The LED pilot light on your plumbing heater warms up the Thermopile. As a result, they generate a modest voltage of power, which is sent to the gasoline valve for control. The pilot light might burn out.

Since there is no power in this situation, the gas regulator is shut off till the illumination is turned back on.

Depending on how fresh or how old your unit is, a different mechanism is needed for relighting the pilot light.

The usage of thermopiles allows for the provision of a temperature-dependent output.

When using a water heater that’s hot, this is crucial since you want the warm water to exit at an exact temperature.

Why Does the “Thermopile Voltage Low” Error Occur?

The Issue with the Thermopile Cold Connection

A thermopile is made up of two connections. A hot connection is a component within the Thermopile that comes into interacts with the level of temperature you are interested in measuring.

The section of the Thermopile which is not in touch with the item is known as the cold intersection.

Thermopile current low error might be produced by a little temperature differential among the Thermopile’s two connections.

Thermocouple Connections that are Rusted or Loose

It’s possible that the thermocouple cables won’t make adequate contact on the ends if they’re slack. A reading of low voltage may result from this.

Another potential reason for a low voltage measurement is corroded thermocouple connections. Corrosion can obstruct a wire’s ability to conduct electricity properly.

Defective or Unreliable Thermopile

Finally, when the Thermopile is significantly damaged or merely dysfunctional, it’s no surprise that the voltage it generates is affected.

How do you Put Thermopile to the Test

How do you Put Thermopile to the Test?

  • The temperature sensor on a water heater needs to be taken out first.
  • Although you may do numerous tests to determine if the Thermopile is functioning properly, we suggest doing the closed circuit test.
  • You must now join the multimeter’s red positive wire alongside the red thermopile cable. On the opposite side, you can connect the black colored line to the Thermopile’s white wiring.
  • You must now activate the electricity or gas distribution.
  • Lastly, you are able to view the measures on the screen.

When the value falls between 650 as well as 850, your Thermopile is operating properly. When the value is less than 400, the thermopile device may need to be replaced entirely.

How Do I Repair a Low Thermopile Voltage?

Repair the Issue in Cold Junction

A normal amplifier is the finest instrument for repairing a cold connection in the Thermopile.

To utilize this element, simply link the positive end of the thermocouple with the non-inverting interface.

The inverted input of the amplifier, however, should be connected to the negative wire. The procedure will increase the voltage in a manner distinct from thermocouple junctions.

Put the device in a dry and consistent temperature environment. Furthermore, you must guarantee that heat flow does not transfer from the hot connection to the cold connection.

Examine the Thermocouple Wiring Settings

You ought to verify to see if the thermocouple wire is properly controlled and not faulty. To begin, remove your Thermopile from the combustion chamber and replace it. If necessary, adjust the wiring afterward.

Change the Defective Thermopile

If there are no hardware flaws or technical issues with your Thermopile, the low power issue will be resolved. However, this electric generator eventually wears out and loses its capacity to generate electricity. In this circumstance, you have just one choice for replacing the outdated Thermopile device.

How is a Thermopile Replaced

How is a Thermopile Replaced?

  1. Eliminate the Gas Source

Turning off the gas connection to the drinking water heating and setting the gas regulator to the offsetting are the first things you need to do. To reveal the component in question, remove the protective cover.

  1. Remove the Wires

The ignitor, as well as thermopile cables, must then be severed from the circuit from this point. The manifold, as well as the pilot tube, should be removed.

  1. Manifold Door should be Removed

From this point on, take out the two screws holding the manifold opening component in place. In order to reach the Thermopile, the burning assembly needs to be taken out of the chamber.

  1. Thermopile Cable Plus the Pilot Assembly should be Removed

The manifold gate should have the holding clip removed. The screw holding the shield, as well as the pilot component, in place, should be removed. The thermal switch’s wire should be disconnected. By bypassing the pilot component via the manifold, you may now remove it.

  1. Set the New Thermopile Wire in Place

The freshly installed thermopile wire should be unraveled and threaded through the manifold door, making sure it is well seated. When seated, ensure sure the retention clip is firmly in place by clicking it in.

  1.  Wires should be Fed Via the Manifold Gate

The latest thermopile cable and the pilot tube should be inserted via the manifold gate.

  1. Put the Manifold Components Block in Place

Reinstall the shield as well as the pilot unit using screws. The part of the blocks will slip into position when the block has been passed through the opening. Check to verify that each wire’s insulator is flush against the component blocks.

  1. The Thermal Switch Cabling should be Reconnected

On the left is where the shortest cable is placed.

  1. Manifold Door should be Locked

The bracket’s hole at the base of the flame chamber’s combustion plate’s bottom has a tab that allows it to be slipped into it. When the burner has reached its position, move its position from left to right. Use both of the bolts you first removed to reinstall the manifold cover.

  1. Reconnecting the Pilot Tube will Restart the Gas

Reconnect the manifold tube after the pilot tube. Reconnect the thermopile cable connector, as well as plug your ignitor wire straight in. Restart the gas and set the thermostat from the pilot setting. Up till the pilot light is visible, turn the knob as well as activate the ignitor switch.

  1. Temperature Adjustment

A whole minute should be spent holding the knob in. Before you release go, the fuel control indicator should begin to flicker. You can change temperatures as you choose from this point.

  1. Be Careful to Use the Soap Technique to Check for Gas Leaks

You must turn off the fuel supply and reconnect the valves and connectors if you notice any bubbles forming close to them.

Note: The pilot tube possesses to be correctly connected in order to smell gasoline as you turn the knob. Before continuing, check this link once again. Please do not be afraid to seek expert assistance. Playing with gasoline in your own residence might be deadly.

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