rheem vs ao smith water softener

Rheem vs AO Smith Water Softener – (Unveiling the Differences)

Although both Rheem, as well as AO Smith are renowned for producing high-quality water heaters, there may be little variances in their offerings that will influence your choice. It’s crucial to take your family’s water use demands into account prior to deciding on a purchase because every home is unique. The conflict between “Rheem vs AO Smith Water Softener” is the topic of this piece.

Find out which manufacturer provides a greater selection of water softening models by comparing Rheem as well as AO Smith water softeners. Learn out the varieties of water softeners each manufacturer offers, as well as whether or not both are excellent choices.

What are Water Softeners?

A whole-house filtering device is termed a water softener, which uses a charge exchange mechanism to remove the calcium as well as magnesium ions that cause water to become hard.

The exchange of ions, a procedure used by water softeners, eliminates magnesium and calcium ions from freshwater.

A layer of round resin beads is passed through by the calcium-rich water as it reaches the rocks in the tank.

Water that has been softened streams into your residence once the resin columns in the minerals tank completely remove all of the mineral content of the water.

What Is A Rheem Water Softener?

Rheem is a leader in the creation of cutting edge, energy efficient technology as well as products that change the heating system, cooling, and water conditioning sectors.

Rheem is pleased to announce the release of its most recent invention, a series of high tech water softening appliances that use the Rheem Learning System.

This brand-new series of Rheem water softening systems have intelligent, in-built Rheem Learning Software that picks up on your water using habits to optimize its water and salt usage and deliver softened water to your home as needed.

This premium product range provides clean, soft water around your house while saving you money and conserving energy as well as water.

What Is An AO Smith Water Softener

What Is An AO Smith Water Softener?

While giving you water that is soft, AO Smith softener units are created, crafted, and constructed to last.

Minimal salt, water, and electricity are used thanks to salt detecting technology that adjusts to the amount of water you use.

You won’t ever need to change a filter again, thanks to self-cleaning pre-filters. Includes power loss prevention to safeguard your settings as well as speedy and silent regeneration.

It is necessary to renew a saturated resin using a time- or flow-controlled renewal method. By meticulously working on your behalf, our engineers at AO Smith create solutions that are specifically suited to your unique operational needs.

Comparison Between Rheem Water Softeners and AO Smith Water Softener


The brand of water heaters renowned and trusted is AO Smith. But through time, Rheem has established a reputation as among the most dependable manufacturers of water warmers for both homes and businesses.

Finding the ideal hot water heater for each person’s needs is simple because they provide a wide choice of models with a number of features.

If you’re hesitant, thoroughly study the water heaters brands by reading user reviews. For safety reasons, you should instead choose a product from a more reputable manufacturer.


The storage capacity of a heater for water is the amount of water it is capable of holding and warming.

The heating system might not be able to meet your residence’s need for warm water if you purchase a smaller one. The size of the water heater determines how much energy it will use and how much room it will occupy in your residence.

Rheem has 42 different water heater types, and many of them can store fifty gallons of heat. Tank sizes for the Signature Series hot water heaters range from 30 to 50 gallons. Tanks of the Pro-Line line have a first-hour capacity of up to 124 gallons.


To meet your heating demands, AO Smith provides a wide selection of heaters for water with various tank capacities and energy-efficiency ratings.

Additionally, Rheem has a wide range of models, some of which are ENERGY STAR legal, that come in a variety of sizes and have comparable characteristics throughout each series.

The ProLine series offers roughly 208 different water heater choices, compared to only about 58 of the Signature Series.

No matter how big your house or garage is, it’s simple to discover the ideal heating system for your requirements because of this.

Energy Efficiency

Although there is a small energy efficiency difference between the two producers, certain Rheem units operate better than AO Smith models.

Due to its more recent use of cutting-edge technology, Rheem water heaters have an advantage over AO Smith heating systems.

Rheem appliances are ENERGY STAR licensed, indicating that they adhere to rigid standards established by the US Department of Energy to guarantee you’re getting a highly effective product.

Although AO Smith tanks are not Energy Star certified, you may choose the tank capacity that best suits your requirements in terms of both space and energy.

Costs and Affordability

Due to its smart technology and solar choices, A.O. Smith heating systems are frequently cheaper than Rheem heating systems.

While AO Smith units may be less expensive, they don’t have as many choices as Rheem units do.

The product that looks to be more accessible globally is Rheem. However, only looking at price, AO Smith remains a superior option.

The revenue share of AO Smiths with tankless hot water heaters is significantly lower than Rheem’s, which has an impact on the accessibility of alternative parts.

Water Quality

Both companies assert to sell some of the highest-caliber water heaters available. A variety of tank types are available from AO Smith, some of which include cutting-edge innovations for increased efficiency and longevity.

Plumbers frequently prefer AO Smith goods since many customers have nothing but positive things to say about their quality. Tanks heaters and a variety of high-quality tankless heating options are both made by Rheem.

 Rheem.AO Smith.
Reliability.Well-known.One of the most reliable brands.
Capacity and Size.Large 42,000 grain capacity. Medium 32,000 grain capacity.45000 GPG. Open from 30,000 to 50,000 grain capacity.
Energy Efficiency.Saves up to 24% on water heater electricity costs.High protection with low energy consumption.
Costs and Affordability.Cost about $1,500.Around $200 up to $800.
Water quality.High water hardness level they can treat.140 grains per gallon of hardness.

Which  Brand Offers a Wider Range of Water Softener Models?

You may choose a model among Rheem’s ranges that will meet your needs for water heating thanks to their wide selection of power sources, reservoirs, and tank-free models.

Gas heaters, which are relatively economical, are only one of the many gas-powered water heater alternatives offered by AO Smith.

The ProLine series offers roughly 208 different water heater choices, compared to only about 58 options for the Signature Series.

Are Rheem Water Softeners A Good Choice

Are Rheem Water Softeners A Good Choice?

Several of the most cutting edge water softeners available on the market are made by Rheem.

The water is softened by using a special filtering system to eliminate minerals. Along with a number of additional features, Rheem also provides an electronic display and automated rejuvenation cycles.

Choose Rheem if you’re seeking the most cutting edge filtering system. How long will a Rheem water softener last? The mechanical and electrical components within a Rheem water softener may need to be replaced earlier than the equipment’s tanks, which are expected to last ten years.

Are A.O. Smith Water Softeners A Good Choice?

Though AO Smith water softening systems are decent appliances, they don’t particularly wow us.

You get a straightforward device that effectively creates pleasant water for the money you spend.

The softeners’ main significant drawbacks are their synthetic parts and limited warranties (a maximum of five years for physical and electrical parts).

How long will a Smith water softener last? A basic AO Smith wastewater softener can handle 600,000 gallons of filtering before needing maintenance or a new filter.

Types of Water Softener – Which One Offers the Best Types?

  • Types of Water Rheem Water Softener
  1. Rheem Preferred Platinum Water Softener.
  2. Rheem Preferred Plus Water Softener.
  3. Rheem Preferred Water Softener.
  • Types of Water A.O. Smith Water Softener
  1. Standard Water Softener.
  2. Premier Series Water Softener.

The water softeners made by Rheem are economical, eco friendly, and energy efficient.

The tiny AO Smith softeners for water provide a quick and silent regenerating cycle. These are NSF certified, convenient, and aid in preventing scale buildup.

Purchasing an AO Smith water softening seems to be the most secure option for relaxing water, particularly if you happen to be encountering a lot of harsh mineral deposits in your area.

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