How to Remove Kohler Shower Handle? – 5 Easy Steps!

Kohler kitchen and bath ware have been a prominent sign in the industry over the decades. The designs, features, and durability of the products have attracted the attention of the gallery widely toward this brand name. Meanwhile, if you use a Kohler in your shower room, sometimes you will have to remove the parts for repairs or replacements. How to remove Kohler shower handle? If this is the question that recently made you confused, this is the right place to learn the fact. Here, we are going to educate you on this basic renovation. 

Why Do You Want to Remove Kohler Shower Handle?

A shower handle is a component that can be worn out with time. Every time we open the shower and close it, the handle moves up and down. Sometimes after a reasonable usage, you may notice that the shower handle is hard to close, and you need to make an effort to close it fully. This happens due to many reasons.

The mineral deposits and limescale that contain Calcium and Magnesium are a major reason for a tightened shower handle. When the screws, aerators, and valves are covered with these deposits, you will find it hard to close. When there is a clogged aerator, you will also be unable to close it fully. There is also a chance of depositing various cosmetic products you use inside the apparatus making the handles stubborn in moving. 

There are instances where a faulty handle occurred due to the incorrect installation of the parts, like the washer. When in the installation, the technician must avoid a space between the faucet and the wall that it is mounted.

With constant usage, the parts inside the handle, like the washers, valves, bolts, and rubber seals, may be worn out and unable to perform their task properly. Hence, the outcome is water leakage. Sometimes the cause for an incorrect shower handle may be the loosening of a bolt or any interior part. This is a possibility relevant to long-term usage. 

Corrosion and rusting are also possible in bath ware on a general basis. The shower handle will malfunction if the gaskets or valves are corroded and cracked. 

Why Do You Want to Remove Kohler Shower Handle

How to Remove Kohler Shower Handle?

If you are facing difficulties with your shower handle, it is the best idea to do an inspection and find the problem, especially if the Kohler shower handle has been used over the years. Follow the below steps to remove your Kohler shower. 

  • First, collect the tools you need. You will be required to use a hex wrench matching your handle, pliers, and screwdrivers. Before starting the removal, it would be better if you take a tray or a bowl to place the nuts and screws that will be removed. It is also a clever step to close the drain with a cover to avoid missing any part if in case it falls down to the ground accidentally. 
  • Secondly, turn off the water supply for your shower room. 
  • If your shower handle has a button, you will have to remove it first. Take out the knob, and then you can detach the button using a screwdriver. If there is a threaded button, you will have to remove the cap and the valve trim first. Next, using a screwdriver, you could remove the whole button. There may be other types of handles with set screws. In such a case, too, you will have to remove the cap first and then proceed with the valve trim, set screws, and the button one after the other. 
  • Now we are going to remove the trim. If the trim contains screws, you have to unthread those. The shower handle could be removed after these screws are detached. Thereafter, the pin and the valve also could be removed.
  • If the trim comes with a button, the plug button must be removed first. Then the handle could be removed. After turning the cover counterclockwise, you can detach it. Then you can start unthreading the screws of the faceplate and remove it too.  Now, if you see any corrosion, you will have to replace the relevant part, and if there are deposits of limescale, you must clean those completely.  


How to Remove Kohler Shower Head

How to Remove Kohler Shower Head?

Kohler is a reputable brand in the industry and is widely used in shower rooms across the country. But as a result of ageing, sometimes you will need to replace the bath ware parts. The reason may be the deposits of various minerals present in the water supply. There is also a chance that wrong fixing affects the strange functioning of your shower head. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to check the shower head if you have recently experienced a gradual fall in the water pressure. This is a simple task that can be done with a wrench. A strap wrench is ideal for this. Using it, unfix the shower head. After that, you can take out the screen washer on the top and clean it thoroughly with a wire brush. Make sure you clean the shower head well by removing all the parts, like the trim ring and spout. If there are scales of limestone, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar would give you an instant removal. If necessary, you can replace the shower head. 

How to Remove Kohler Shower Cartridge?

Usually, the minimum lifespan of a shower cartridge is 10 years. If you purchased from a good-quality brand and have done regular maintenance, it would last nearly 30 years. If the cartridge of a Kohler shower is not working properly, the shower valve will prevent faults, and the shower will not be closed adequately. Sometimes you could observe leaking in cartridge failure. 

The cartridge is placed under the handle. Therefore, first, you have to begin by removing the handle. Before starting, turn off the water supply and use a piece of cloth or paper over the drain hole of your shower to avoid any misplaced screws you detach. Rotate the part between the handle and the plate on the wall counterclockwise. Then you could easily remove the trim plate. After that, take a matching screwdriver and remove the four screws. Now, you are free to take off the seal plate. Again, there will be two more screws to remove, and you can pop out the cartridge there. 

Have a look at this video as well

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How to Remove Kohler Memoirs Shower Handle?

Instead of set screw installation, you can see one screw attach the handle to the trim plate in Kohler Memoirs. 

First of all, as in all the other replacements we discussed above, here, too, you need to cut off the water supply to the shower area. Now turn the piece after the handle until it comes out. You may do this by turning counterclockwise. Now remove the trim plate; simply pull it off. If it is tight, use a screw and make it loose. Remove the screws, and you will be able to take out the collar. Then on, pay attention to the cartridge. After removing the two fixed screws, it will also pop out. You can also remove the gasket, seals, and valves if necessary and replace those too. 

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